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Cloud-Based Access Control

Secure Your Doors, Empower Your People: Smart Access Control for Modern Business

Implement state-of-the-art entry management and electronic locks with advanced technology to secure your premises.
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Boost Efficiency, Enhance Security: Unlock a Smoother Workflow with Modern Access control Solutions

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Deter Crime

Enhance safety and deter potential intruders with state-of-the-art security systems.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Keep an eye on your operations and ensure everything is running smoothly, no matter where you are.

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Evidence & Documentation

Capture crucial information that can serve as evidence in the event of an incident.

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Risk Management

Reduce liability with recorded evidence to support incident reports and investigations.

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Improved Productivity

Modern security solutions can streamline operations and save costs.

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Cost-Effective Security

Save on security personnel costs and reduce insurance premiums through a proactive security approach.

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Peace of Mind

Sleep easier knowing that your property is protected by the latest in surveillance technology.

From Entry to Exit, Take Control

Advanced Technology

Secure your premises with advanced technology. Our state-of-the-art entry management and electronic locks are designed to provide maximum security and peace of mind. Our locks are equipped with the latest technology, allowing you to control access to your premises with ease.


Our intercoms provide an additional layer of security for your premises. Our intercoms are designed to be easy to use and provide clear communication between you and visitors. With our intercoms, you can easily control who has access to your premises and ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed entry.

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Reliable and Secure

Our entry management and electronic locks are reliable and secure. Our locks are designed to be tamper-proof and provide maximum security for your premises. Our locks are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your premises remain secure for years to come.


Improved Security

The advanced features of cloud-based access control and electronic locking systems provide for better security than traditional systems. In addition, their cloud-based nature ensures that the systems are always up-to-date, protecting against new threats and hacking attempts.

Time and Cost-Saving

The centralized and remote management offered by cloud-based systems eliminates the need for on-site maintenance and reduces costs associated with the installation and maintenance of traditional access control systems.

Streamlined Operations

Cloud-based access control systems eliminate the need for keys or traditional access cards, making it easier for management to manage access and creates a seamless experience for employees and visitors alike.

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User-friendly interface

A simple-to-understand and easy to use interface, that can be accessed from anywhere, enables the users to manage their security systems efficiently.

Centralized Monitoring 

A cloud-based system allows real-time monitoring of access to a building or facility, providing complete control over who is entering and exiting the premises.

Scalability and Flexibility

The system can be easily scaled up or down, making it easily adaptable to different circumstances, such as a change in the number of employees or an expansion of the facility.

Cloud-based access control and electronic locking systems are powerful tools that can significantly enhance security and safety in business and institutional settings, while reducing costs, simplifying management, and streamlining operations. When seeking to secure a facility, organizations should consider the many benefits of these systems over traditional locks and access control methods.

secure your business today with all security Co., llc

All Security Co. is proud to offer cloud-based access control and electronic locking systems to keep your business safe and secure. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can manage access to your premises from anywhere in the world. Our innovative systems are designed to keep your property and personnel safe from unauthorized access, providing peace of mind and greater control over security. Take the first step towards protecting your business now by exploring All Security Co.’s cloud-based access control and electronic locking systems. Contact us today for more information and to get started!

Comprehensive Security & Mechanical Services


Cloud-Based Access Control

Tailored entry management systems for your premises.

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Cloud-Based Surveillance Cameras

Utilize cloud-based, high-definition camera systems integrated for continuous monitoring and visitor verification.

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Burglar Alarms

Sophisticated alarm systems that keep your assets safe 24/7.


Doors & Frames

With expert installation, maintenance, and electronic locking solutions, ensure structural integrity and enhanced security at your building's entrances.


High-Security Locksmithing & Electronic Locks

Benefit from professional locksmith services and high-security master key systems, offering both security and convenience.


High-Security Master Key System

Simplify access across your property with a master key system tailored to your business.


Your trusted
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Since 1977, All Security Co., LLC has been a steadfast provider of top-notch security services. With a focus on our region, we blend local knowledge with broad expertise to deliver exceptional security solutions.
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This is the initial step where we discuss your security requirements, understand your need for security and conduct a thorough risk assessment of your property.

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Planning & Design

After understanding your unique needs, our experts devise a bespoke security plan. We design systems that ensure maximum safety while remaining cost-effective.

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Post planning, we install high-quality security equipment. Our skilled technicians set up the systems to ensure they work optimally, providing you with the security you require.

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Maintenance & Support

After the installation, we offer regular maintenance services to up-keep your security systems. We also provide 24/7 customer support, so you have assistance whenever you need it.

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All Security is my go to company when it comes to locks and securing my property. Nelson gave us great service.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Dexter B. Jenkins

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Kristin is the shining star in this company! What an insightful experience! Will never use anyone else!!

Mi Sun C.

Google Review

All Security is my go to company when it comes to locks and securing my property. Nelson gave us great service. I would recommend them to anyone.

Dexter J.

Google Review

We had a wonderful experience with All Security. They were efficient, capable, and very pleasant to work with. From the first visit to their office through to final payment, every person was friendly, informative and reliable.

M. Sisquehanna

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Great service, Nelson was top notch and went over everything in detail! I highly recommend All Security!

John B.

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Awsome people. Excellent service

Ston S.

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Jason the tech was knowledgeable and explained issues and gave recommendations and completed job for us quickly and professionally.

S. Amedeo


Jason and Fernando and Scott and Amy and the whole All security team were amazing to work with- I was not sure about this whole process, and they all were so great to work with. Looking forward to adding some more cameras in the fall- thanks so much!

Brooke E.


Thank you for making our access easier and more secure!

Rob C.


Nelson did a fine job as we have become accustomed. Very knowledgeable. The store staff were also very helpful and knowledgeable.

J. Abraham


Kristin was excellent in determining our needs on our budget.

Linda A.


The technicians are extremely knowledgeable and always provide excellent service.

K. Williams


Nelson was terrific! He was personable and professional!

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Technician was responsive, knowledgeable, and performed job quickly. highly recommend.

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What is cloud-based access control?

Cloud-based access control allows you to manage building security 100% remotely using the Internet. Rather than needing complex onsite servers, your access system and data are hosted and stored securely online by experts. This means you can easily access, update, and control your system using your smartphone, computer or tablet from anywhere at anytime.

How do I decide what I need?

Access control system costs vary widely because they're tailored to your specific needs. Number of doors, features, and installation factors all play a role. To get the most accurate idea, reach out for a custom quote! Let's chat about your business so we can find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

  1. Review incidents and note security gaps that led to issues. Look to improve weaknesses.
  2. Pinpoint problem areas you want better handle - like opening/closing on time or monitoring staff behaviors.
  3. Identify operational problems that create hassles - like constantly rekeying locks or keeping firmware updated.
  4. Clearly lay out the improvements and results you want to achieve.
  5. Rank your priorities and biggest needs in the system.
  6. Determine the number of doors/entry points you need to secure.
What are the benefits of SaaS for access control?

SaaS means using software delivered over the Internet rather than buying complete systems outright. This online subscription model allows flexible, pay-as-you-go options to get you just the access control tools you actually need.

Key advantages include:

  • System flexibility to add capabilities as your needs change
  • Easy mobile access from anywhere using your devices
  • Real-time data updates to monitor doors and users
  • Simple integrations with everyday business programs
  • Reliable maintenance without needing in-house IT expertise
  • Reduced costs by eliminating expensive servers and hardware

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